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Every property needs a wall for security and privacy purposes. A property without a wall is one that is vulnerable and, unfortunately, at risk. Installing a wall will also increase your property’s value exponentially. There are many things to consider when looking for the best walling solution for your property. Factors that will affect your walling options include the required level of durability, performance and overall cost. Prefab walling is undoubtedly the ultimate solution for your home or business, and when consulting with our professional prefab wall company in Pretoria, you will quickly discover why.


Below are a few reasons why industry professionals believe that quality prefab walling is the best choice for your property and budget:

  • Precast walls are safe and durable – concrete doesn’t burn, which means that a prefab wall is safer than other wall options. This means that the structural durability of the wall is maintained for longer and it also means that your precast wall will stop fire spreading from one property to the next. These walls are also resistant to impacts and poor weather conditions.

  • Precast walling offers versatility – precast concrete walls are available in special finishes and colours. This means that you can customise the look of your wall according to your property’s existing appeal and personal preferences.

  • Prefab walls will help you to cut back on construction time and save money as a result – building a wall can take a great deal of time, especially if it is constructed on site. Precast walling panels are designed and manufactured at a factory, away from the construction site. This means that the panels are delivered ready to be installed. You won’t need to wait for these to set and this greatly decreases construction time.

  • Precast walls are the ecological option – precast concrete walls are constructed from natural materials and this means that a concrete wall can be re-used and recycled. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly walling option, prefab walling is the answer.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable prefab walling company in Pretoria to assist you with your construction and walling needs, we at Express Walls are just the place to turn to. Take the time to contact us via our email address or telephone number, and we will ensure that a professional and knowledgeable consultant is made available to provide you with further information and advice.

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