Precast Walling Specialists

Concrete specialists use 2 common methods of production as follows:

·         Tilt up production – this is where the concrete is poured on site.
·         Precast production – this is where the concrete is poured off site. This is the type of production that we offer at Express Walls.

The option that you choose will typically depend on how easy it is to access the site, availability of precast products and, of course, how much the client wants to spend.

Precast concrete walling offers a myriad of advantages and benefits. It is considered the perfect walling material first and foremost because it can be produced off-site. This ensures less cleaning and clearing up on your property. The concrete also will not rust like a steel structure will and as a result, requires very little in terms of maintenance. Precast concrete walling is a durable, stable and long-lasting walling option that offers more flexibility than steel. It does not suffer damage from insects or UV rays and on request, you can have your precast panels moulded into just about any shape – within reason of course. The final product can be plastered or stained with paint or stain products to have the desired end result and finish.

Precast walling specialists will be able to ensure that your wall is installed quickly, without damaging your property or leaving a mess behind. With some creative thinking and very little effort, your new precast wall will look absolutely fantastic.

These are not the only benefits of precast walling. In South Africa (and elsewhere for that matter), precast walling offers the following benefits:

·         Great sound insulation.
·         Provides privacy from the road and neighbours.
·         Enhances security of your property.
·         Precast walling is not a prime target for criminals, as the wall panels cannot be sold for scrap. Unfortunately, many metal wall/fence options are stolen.

For more information and advice, contact market-leading precast walling specialists in Gauteng. Feel free to contact us via email or telephone at your earliest convenience. 
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