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Express Walls was established in 2000 in the north of Pretoria. Specialising in the manufacturing and installation of various Concrete Walling products.

Our client base range from Home Owners with small domestic projects right through to large Property Developers, Mining Companies, Insurance claims and Property Maintenance Companies.

Precast concrete walling is a pre–manufactured post and panel concrete type wall which is manufactured in a controlled factory environment and then installed on the client’s premises.

The walling system have been manufactured and installed in South Africa for the past 50 years and there is hardly a suburb in the country where this type of walls is not to be seen.

There are different types of patterns and finishes available to make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

The main advantages of this walling system are the following:

  • Economical – The average cost of this type of walling is usually about half of the equivalent height brick wall.  The cost saving of 50% is one of the most important factors in today’s tough economic climate.
  • Speed of installation – This is the fastest walling installation available as there is no waiting period for foundation to cure etc. involved. The average installation team can install between 25 meter to 50 meters per day.
  • One stop service – At Express Walls we provide our customers with a one stop customer service, from the manufacturing of the walls to the installation and even plastering and painting of the finished wall.
  • Security – The walling provide a safe barrier against crime as the property can be completely shielded from view.  The walling also comes in heights of 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.4m to provide added security benefits.  As an added benefit an electric fence can be fixed to the inside of the wall directly onto the posts.

With the advantages listed above it is no wonder the popularity of Pre-cast concrete walling is steadily increasing all the time.

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